Monday, March 05, 2012

Email Inbox ~ March 2012

Hi Eileen,
I like your new format very much. Did you the new format allows printing to PDF without problems? PDF is how I save your Newsletters.


Neil Karl
Livonia MI


EILEEN:  Thanks for letting us know. And yet another benefit of this new format!



Are you still collecting the photos of kids on the ponies? I have one of my mother I can mail you.

Harry Radtke
Sterling Heights MI


EILEEN:  Yes, I certainly am. Email me the photo and I'll add it to the Webshots page. 

For more information on Detroit's Early Cowboys & Cowgirls, CLICK HERE.



The February Newsletter is terrific - just as it is every month.  The new look is wonderful - a vast improvement.

Congratulations for a great job!

Rich Wise
Bloomfield Hills MI

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