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WKNR Music Guide for September 12, 1966

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Western High School Class of 1960

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Nominated for two Michigan TV Emmys!

$16.98 plus shipping
(DVD, 50 minutes, widescreen format)

Soupy Sales. Johnny Ginger. Auntie Dee. Sonny Eliot.
Robin Seymour. Bill Bonds.
The list of characters who entered our living rooms through Detroit television is long and colorful. 

This one-hour documentary examines local TV from the late 1940s to the1990s. Highlights include rare footage with an amazing vocal performance by 14-year-old Ursula Walker, who today is a Detroit jazz legend;
profiles of Soupy Sales, Sonny Elliot, Bill Kennedy and other local celebrities; the story behind one of the longest-running TV series in America, Detroit’s American Black Journal; recollections from Mitch Ryder
and others, and much more. 

"Detroit Remember When: The History of Detroit TV"
was produced by Michael Collins, Ed Golick, Bill Kubota and 
Tim Kiska




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Sanders' national sales rise on strength of nostalgia, taste of home

The company best known perhaps for its bumpy cake has had a recent journey to success that’s been anything but.

Sanders bounced back from near-oblivion to a become growing national player in desserts and candy. 

The confectioner, also known for its ice cream and hot fudge topping, has seen double-digit sales growth over the last three years, fueled in part by native Michiganders buying the products they remember from their childhoods...

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The Fallen Stroh Family


As with many of America's great fortunes, the Stroh family’s story starts with an immigrant: Bernhard Stroh, who arrived in Detroit from Germany in 1850 with $150 and a coveted family recipe for beer. He sold his brews door-to-door in a wheelbarrow. By 1890 his sons, Julius and Bernhard Jr., were shipping beer around the Great Lakes. Julius got the family through Prohibition by switching the brewery to ice cream and malt syrup production. And in the 1980s, Stroh’s surged, emerging as one of America’s fastest-growing companies and the country’s third-largest brewing empire, behind only public behemoths Anheuser-Busch and Miller.

The Stroh family owned it all, a fortune that FORBES then calculated was worth at least $700 million. Just by matching the S&P 500, the family would currently be worth about $9 billion.

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Cinderella Weekend

by Ed Golick
Detroit television in the 1950s was host to a mélange of local morning
programs aimed at the female audience. From the Lady of Charm
and Hello Girls to Ladies Day with Chuck Bergeson,
the daytime hours were full of programs with a decidedly feminine flair.

 One of the earliest local quiz programs on Detroit TV aimed at the female audience was Cinderella Weekend


Interview with Robin Williams on attending school in Detroit

Robin Williams, the comic genius who died Monday of a suspected suicide at age 63, spoke fondly of his days a Detroit Country Day School in Birmingham. One thing, though, he wasn't the class clown as you might have expected.

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I Did What?: The Man Behind the Make-Up

This is the story of one of the most beloved characters the heyday of television. Bozo the Clown was known world wide, but the one in Detroit is widely known as the best. Art Cervi spent 13 years in front of the camera entertaining millions of fans. This book takes you from beginning to the present. Tons of pictures help tell the story.

Written by Herb Mentzer as told by Art Cervi. Available through the Detroit Memories store

Watch an TV2 interview with Art.


January 29, 1916 - August 4, 2014

Loving wife of the late
Sonny Eliot for 50 years. 

"Annette and Sonny were the epitome of best friends during their half-century of marriage. Taking care of her after a stroke was a labor of love for Sonny, who left us almost two years ago. Remember how they both entertained us during the Thanksgiving Day parade along WoodwardBoth good friends.
Both now back together for eternity."

Greg Neubacher on Facebook

Annette was a teacher of East Detroit Public Schools for over 40 years
retiring at the age of 72. 
She loved to travel, shop, and spend time with
her family and friends. 
Annette had a special place in her heart for Paris. 
She paid her own way through college during the Great Depression 
and worked at the Pentagon during the war. 
She was an independent, hard working, and an inspirational woman 
who broke barriers and pushed the boundaries of the times. 
Annette experienced life to the fullest and 
made a difference in people’s lives. 
She is loved and missed by all.

Slide reopens on Belle Isle

Originally introduced in 1967, the giant slide is once again operating at
Detroit's Belle Isle Park.

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