Thursday, January 02, 2014

GoDaddy drops the ball...and not on New Year's Eve

My apologies to all of the Yahoo!, Comcast, Cox or other email service subscribers who didn't receive the December 2013 Detroit Memories Newsletter

The software I use for the broadcast email notice is supported by GoDaddy. Until recently, after 10 years of being their customer, I haven't experienced any problems. But lately, it's been one thing after another.

Over 400 emails bounced last month. I submitted an Inquiry about the problem and was told that it was being sent to a higher level resolution team. That's pretty much where it stands. No word on whether the problem has been fixed. I can only cross my fingers that this month's issue reaches everyone...or most everyone.

Also, several subscribers have reported receiving the notice for the Newsletter in ASCII instead of HTML. If that's happening to you, I'll need a copy of the source file or an .EML file. Please send it to me at:

In the future, if you don't receive the notice about the Newsletter by the 7th of the month, you can always come directly to this blog by using this URL:

My sincere wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2014! And thank you all for your terrific support of Detroit Memories!


UPDATE 1/6/2014: It appears the problem with the email accounts has been fixed.

Cinderella Photos and Story

A big thank you to Sarah Sobczak for sharing the Cinderella's Glass Slipper 1960 photos and story (July 2013). I remember those events; after reading the article I see I was one of the 6,000+ little girls who waited in line to try on the glass slipper

I had thought the event was held at J.L. Hudson, as I remember standing in a line which wrapped around several blocks and buildings downtown maybe Hudson's was one of those mammoth buildings.  I remember walking into a large auditorium and sitting down to be "fitted with the shoe." I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time, so my memory wasn't detailed. I do remember the consolation gift was a 9" beautiful doll encased in a plastic bell shaped enclosure. Those are still keepsakes, five years worth that I do cherish.

I would love to hear or read an even more detailed account of this event in Detroit's history. 

Thank you to Eileen for continuing to compile these fond Detroit memories, they truly are treasures to maintain.

Dianne Zak
St. Ladislaus HS, 1974

CLICK HERE to view the photos of the Cinderella's Glass Slipper.

NOTE: A consolation prize of an 8" doll 'dressed to the nines' enclosed in a plastic bell-shaped container was given to those whose foot did not fit the shoe. 


Yusef, performing at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2007


Legendary tenor saxophonist, oboist, flutist and composer Yusef Lateef, whose 75-year odyssey in music took him from the jazz clubs of Detroit to the fields of Africa, the world of classical music and the halls of academia, died Monday at his home in Shutesbury, Mass, near Amherst. He was 93.


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Kevin Mayer's Boblo

Kevin Mayer is an avowed Boblo Island fanatic and an ex-employee of the now defunct amusement park. He has assembled a miniature version of the parks rides in detail. You can view a Facebook video of his working model when you CLICK HERE.

He also has The Bug ride in his backyard!