Sunday, May 06, 2012

Colin Kennedy donates CKLW photo

Hi Eileen --

On my way back from Myrtle Beach, I stopped in Cleveland to donate an artifact to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This is the "Ben Hur Wall" that CKLW featured on so many of their top 30 brochures. Paul Drew presented each of the Operators (Producers) with one a the Christmas Party in, I  think, 1967. This was the artwork used in the original. I had it hung for years but my now-grown kids have no interest in it, so I wrote to the Hall and they were excited to get some memories from the station. If anyone else has anything from any of the Detroit stations, I am sure they would like to have them.

I hope someday my kids will be there, see it,  and say 'Hey that is from my dad!' There appears to be a tax advantage for Americans but Revenue Canada is not as kind. You will not be paid for your donation but there is paperwork and probably a tax receipt.

Colin Kennedy
Former CKLW board operator

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  1. Mary Ann Hadre Wilson1:18 AM

    I worked at CKLW-TV from 66-73, the hey days... so many great memories, great people in radio and television... I will look for the CKLW display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when I visit.