Sunday, October 06, 2013

"Quizdown" Featured Local Grade School Students

Attached is a picture that appeared the Detroit Free Press of my appearance (far right, top) on a local quiz show called Quizdown. My whole family came to the broadcast at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Pretty head stuff for an 8th grader!

I recall two questions of the four asked, and I did answer all of them correctly: Where is Corsica? What mammal has a cow for a mother, a bull for a father, and a pup for baby?

Quizdown was pretty popular. The winning team attended a performance of Babes in Toyland.


Bob Walczak

by Ed Golick,
webmaster of

Quizdown aired every Saturday morning on WXYZ radio. The program was sponsored by The Detroit Free Press and featured teams from two local public or private schools competing against each other by answering general knowledge questions as provided by other Detroit area students. Tom Waber was the emcee. Casey Kasem got his first job in radio as an usher on Quizdown. For a brief time the program was simulcast over both WXYZ radio and TV.

Prizes were given to the winning team, including the coveted Quizdown "Highest Honors" medal (at left).

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