Thursday, June 05, 2014

Detroit's Bozo the Clown, Art Cervi

Anyone who grew up in metro Detroit remembers Bozo the Clown, portrayed by the multi-talented Art Cervi, who later became the producer of the highly successful Swingin' Time dance show starring Robin Seymour.

Herb Mentzer, a former radio personality at an assortment of stations around Detroit, has been working on writing about Art's career for some time. 

If all goes as planned, his book will be available online during the week of June 9th at, and, eventually, in bookstores (he hopes).

Dozens of photos will be included in the book, as well as plenty of memories and some real surprises about the alter ego of Bozo

Watch for details in the July issue of the Detroit Memories Newsletter!

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  1. it was a big deal now that i think about it. i was on bozos big top back in 1968. i played the treasure chest game and displayed the gym gym. walking into the studio of bozos big top was surreal. i saw bozos dressing room. it said BOZO T. CLOWN on the door. i was there with BOZO. what a great experience for me as a 10 year old kid. ART CERVI i very kindly THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES. im 57 years old now. that was 47 years ago. THANK YOU ART CERVI. YOU WERE GREAT.