Friday, November 16, 2012

Life and Times: Growing up on the East Side of Detroit

Hello Eileen ~
Just wanted to share some news with you about my dad, Rodney Bork. His book, "Life and Time: Growing up on the East Side of Detroit," has been selling quite well – with thanks to you for helping him get started.
We finally got the book on Amazon – as well as his Music Makers CD (should be on Amazon in a week or so). He had to order a third printing of 1,000 books (by Amazon – they do a fantastic job) for personal signings.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for encouraging and helping my dad, as well as offering me much needed advice. The book was never intended to be more than something for family and friends. We ended up having to take it to the next level (the paperback version) due to requests for it. Somehow a professional writer got the book and wrote a review. Dad’s even gotten requests for his book from Warsaw Poland and Alaska, of all places.
My dad had a hip replacement early in the year which resulted in some complications and a prolonged healing process. He gets tired easily now, but has been invited to do a book signing at an event in Hamtramck in a couple weeks. They're expecting around 400 people to attend. I think it helps him feel alive and connected. 
We had an 80th birthday party for them in August and enjoyed the company of close to 100 family & friends. 

Anyway, just when you may have thought you may have been forgotten, your kindness to my dad has not been. He even plugged your website in one of his articles a year ago
God Bless you Eileen,
Anthony Michael

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