Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Great news about the Ste. Claire!

Photo from CardCow.com

By Kevin Mayer 
Facebook / Captain Boblo

The Ste. Claire is on her way to a grand comeback. Tremendous work has been done on the ship changing the question from “If she comes back” to “When she comes back!”

The plan for the Ste. Claire is to bring her out to Wyandotte in either September or October of 2014 as a permanently moored dockside attraction for a couple of years. All money generated from the attraction will be put back into the ship until she is ready to sail once again. 

Although there are many ideas being kicked around on how to power the old girl, the pistons will be made to work as we all remember. 

Some of the attractions offered include:

1. A two deck haunted house (adult haunt at night and a children’s haunt and other family activities during the day).
2. Guided tours of the ship.
3. Souvenir and concession sales.
4. Large movie screen on 4th deck for free movies in the park
5. Special events for seniors and families
6. Booking for private parties
7. Possible year-round use

EILEEN'S NOTE: Dr. Ron Katoo, the owner of the Ste. Claire, has now brought in professional crews to expedite the restoration. I have asked Kevin to email me when they need volunteers, knowing that lot of folks who read this Newsletter would be willing to help out.

FILM: Boblo Boats have a role in the new Transformers movie!

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