Saturday, April 05, 2014

Detroit Historical Museum ~ America's Motor City Exhibit

Lee Dixon's 1966 factory order for a new Pontiac GTO

Hello Eileen,

A few months ago Detroit Historical Museum asked for vintage photos of Detroiters with their favorite cars from years gone by. Some of my photos were chosen and are now appearing in an exhibit at the Museum. They are in a video slide show in the entry to the exhibit (one showing my black 1963 Ford XL convertible is mis-labeled 1966).

Interesting story about my 1968 GTO convertible. I ordered it new from Viet Nam... yesss, that's right...from Viet Nam...during the war. General Motors gave soldiers a great discount...and I still have the order form. I was talking to another guy in my unit and his dad promised if he would just get back home alive he'd buy him a new GTO. He left for home a few months before me and, sure enough, he wrote back and told me there was a brand new red GTO sitting in his driveway when he got home. THAT got my fires stoked and I found a way to order on through the military PX. I ended up with a yellow convertible as you see in the pics.

Thought you might enjoy it.

Best Regards,
Leon "Lee" Dixon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Hello Mr. Dixon,

Our Exhibitions Manager grabbed these photos for you. The images on the monitors rotate about every 6 seconds and are constant. As you can see, they are at the start of our America's Motor City exhibition for all to enjoy.

Thank you again for your participation.


Tracy Irwin
Director of Exhibitions and Collections

at the Detroit Historical Museum
1963 Ford XL convertible
1968 GTO convertible
1971 Dodge Challenger convertible

America's Motor City
exhibition at DHS
Three TV monitors present a slide show of
Detroiters' favorite vintage cars

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