Saturday, April 05, 2014

BOOK ~ From Soupy To Nuts!



$35 ea. plus shipping

I have three NEW copies of this terrific book for sale.
It has been out-of-print for several years.
On Amazon, this book in new condition is $85.
The reviews about it are outstanding.

Here's a description of what's inside:

Back in the 1940s – before coaxial cable from the 
East Coast reached Detroit – television was as local as 
Vernors, Sanders Hot Fudge and Hudson’s. There was room 
for clowns, bowlers, philosophers, journalists, adventurers, 
movie mavens, wrestlers and magicians.

The people who put these shows on were drunks, geniuses,
thugs, heroes, artists, craftsmen, hustlers and poets. 
Some were all of these things at times. 
A few were all these things before lunch.

As the medium grew, thousands of Detroiters visited Channel 4 
to see Milky the Clown, danced on Channel 62’s The Scene 
or tuned in to watch bombastic anchorman Bill Bonds
With the evaporation of distinct local television, a piece 
of Detroit’s character disappeared.

From Soupy to Nuts! is a snapshot of Detroit TV history – 
from Sonny Eliot, Bozo the Clown, Bill Kennedy, 
Lou Gordon and Gil Maddox to Al Ackerman, 
Sir Graves Ghastly, Dick the Bruiser 
and Mr. Belvedere.

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