Monday, August 04, 2014



Pat St. John                     Lee Alan

If you have fond memories of listening to Lee Alan on The Horn, at WXYZ-AM 1270 in the 1960s, you will really enjoy listening to Southfield native Pat St. John on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, 1 pm till 5 pm weekdays (EDT) on Channel 6.  

This is where they feature the music of the '60s and it's obvious that Pat was a Lee Alan fan.  He even uses Lee's old opening them "Zing Went the Strings," plus his cadence and on-air style will remind you of those old days on Wixie radio.

No, he's not trying to imitate Lee; it's just that Mr. Alan was a great influence on his radio career which started at WSHJ (Southfield High School) and he worked at CKLW and WKNR Keener 13.

Management has also given Pat extraordinary freedom to play songs, and create segues that you just don't hear on radio anymore!  If you have satellite radio in your car or at home, this show is worthy of your time and has a LOT of Detroit flavor attached to it.

Art Vuolo, Jr.

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